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Kamanu Charters

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The Kamanu Catamaran

The “Kamanu Catamaran” is Kona’s only custom 36′ catamaran built for speed and comfort. She’s 22 feet wide, making for a large stable platform with an expansive “trampoline” or webbing net up forward for lying on. Soak in the sun and watch the ocean flow by you as you gaze through the net into the deep blue. Relax in the shaded open air cabin area and “talk story” with the captain and first mate.

The 'Elua

Newest and fastest boat in Kona! “Kamanu ‘Elua” will get to the best places in Kona before the others. “Kamanu ‘Elua is our brand new, state-of-the-art rigid inflatable boat with shower, share, and forward-facing padded seats! Enjoy the beauty of Kona’s coast!

Morning Snorkel & Sail
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"Awesome experience! Swam over a large pod of dolphins three times and snorkeled in a area with nice coral and fish. Landon and Meredith have excellent customer service. The food, and drinks were very good."

TripAdvisor Review

"The crew was courteous, the boat was clean and sturdy, and the Dolphins were hidding!I love to snorkel so I was in my element."

TripAdvisor Review

"What an amazing experience. The manta were so graceful and beautiful.They swim so close that occasionally they would almost take your breath away."

TripAdvisor Review