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Beer and Wine for purchase

Morning Snorkel & Sail

Kamanu Catamaran

Child (Ages 7-12)
HGE Card Holder

Experience Kona's spectacular underwater beauty on our 24 passenger Catamaran.


9 a.m – 12:30 p.m

  • Includes snorkel gear, instruction, and life vests.
  • Includes light lunch, soft drinks & water.​
  • Don’t forget your swimsuit and towel!

Pawai Bay has an excellent variety of tropical reef fish and dramatic terrain, with ledges, caves, shallow shelves, and steep drop-offs, as well as coral-encrusted lava formations. Frequent visitors to the bay are manta rays (up to 10 feet across!), spotted eagle rays, and green sea turtles. Depths vary from three to four feet on the shallow ledges to blue water where the bottom disappears at 100 feet. Average is about 18 feet.

We specialize in first-time snorkelers, because we think everybody should get in the water and experience Kona’s spectacular underwater beauty. We have excellent flotation devices, a wide assortment of quality silicone masks and snorkels (including prescription lens masks for the near sighted), rubber fins from size 0 to 14. Our first mate will give you a 7-10 minute instruction/demonstration on the use of the gear and dos and don’ts at Pawai Bay.