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Manta Ray Snorkel – Elua

'Elua Boat

  • Family Friendly
Child (Ages 7-12)
HGE Card Holder

Take a fantastic ride on our high speed boat to and swim with manta rays and experience snorkeling like never before.


  • Must be at least 7 years old!
  • Trips depart daily at 5pm (changes with the season).
  • Trips are 3.5 hours with approx. 45 minutes in water with manta rays.
  • Includes wetsuits, instruction and life vests.
  • Don’t forget your swimsuit and towel!

Experience Hawaiian snorkeling like never before with our nightly snorkel boat charter!

First, you’ll take a fantastic ride on our high speed boat to get you to our manta ray snorkel site. Put on your snorkel gear, get out into the water, and enjoy a leisurely float as we see the diverse aquatic life, while keeping a lookout for manta rays gliding in the depths below. Don’t worry, manta rays are very calm and harmless to humans as they have no sharp teeth or stingers.

The manta rays feed on plankton and are attracted to light – light which our boats will provide to help you see them better in the dark water – which happens to be their feeding time. These gentle giants swimming in the waters just off the Big Island are the second largest species of manta rays and have an average wingspan of 12 – 15 ft., though some can reach up to 18 ft.

This manta ray snorkel swim is safe and great for the whole family and makes for a night you’ll definitely remember!

*Notes: Kamanu Elua is a high speed raft therefore children under seven, pregnant women, and those with back and neck problems are not advised to go.

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